Online Marketing Services

Are you able to connect with your audience and inspire action? Do you have the right messaging strategy in place? If you are unsure, then we are here to develop, test, and execute the right online marketing strategy that meets your audience right where it matters. You should be able to connect right to their core in order to establish genuine rapport.

Here at Spiritworks-art, we understand your target audience or customers in the same way that we know your brand by heart. We are there witnessing your customer’s journey from brand awareness to the decision to purchase. We help you create an online marketing strategy that capitalizing on engaging and genuine experiences that inspire positive action.

It’s a very tough and competitive arena. The online marketplace is filled with hungry wolves. The hungriest gets to take it all! You need us to understand how the B2B and B2C journey work. We want your brand to have the top answer whenever customers are looking for your products and services on SERPs or anywhere in social media. 

We provide top-caliber specialized online marketing services that include:

·   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We provide you that competitive advantage when pitted against rivals employing an elusive strategy that focuses on optimization best practices. This is how we strategically place your brand out there or right in front of your target customers. So, you will be there once right where the action is. We position you at the right time and place when your customers are all set to make the purchase. We use the best SEO tools on the market to follow your Google keyword rankings.

·   Content Marketing – We have the killer strategy to attract your clients and keep them engaged. It’s your content that can throw the punches. This is mainly what the customers first see in your brand. Optimized and relevant content helps engage and pull in conversions for your brand. We help you create solutions to their issues and address their pain points effectively with highly targeted and informative content.

·   Influencer Marketing – First, we match you with the right influencer and then connect you with your audience. Everybody is considered as an influencer at something. Your ideal influencer need not be someone really popular but a personality that really depicts your brand and is relatable to your audience. This is how genuine connections are made.  Our unique approach involves connecting your brand with genuine and credible influencers so you can truly connect with your target audience.

·   Social Media Marketing – We help to engage your audience and create virality or buzz around your brand. Understanding your audience and knowing their pain points is what makes up every success stories of online brands in social media. You cannot really penetrate a market that you don’t know exist. You have to know their buying hourney which could take several weeks or a couple of months from researching, to buying, and sharing. Combining good old or the classics of marketing with social media marketing can help propel your brand to new heights and increase your brand awareness plus improve search rankings.

·   Website Analytics – Understanding the buying journey of your customers or from the discovery to the conversions is the key to know how it is to convert potential customers into long-time repeat customers. We employ a data-driven approach that helps us convert customers. You have to understand the data in your table to determine which metrics are most valuable to your and what actions should be taken to boost conversions. This data will help you identify your strengths and inefficiencies which will help plan for future website improvements and content. We provide a real-time report of your dara with actionable insights monthly so you can keep your numbers up and going on the right direction.

·   Online Advertising – This is our way to tap into new audiences and reach out to an entirely new market via social, search, or display ads. With our best practices in place, we assure clients that of guaranteed ROI in their onlime marketing efforts by optimizing campaigns, strategic planning, and top quality ad creatives.

Here at Spiritworks-art, we build around your marketing goals so that we are able to widen your brand reach and impact. Our solid team of experts will help you from start to finish. Contact us now!

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