Neostrada is a small hosting company with a big number of happy customers. In their 10 active years so far they have helped over 50.000 happy customers with their domain, webhosting, wordpress, cloudhosting and site building needs. Unfortunately, most customers are only interested in domain names and these are the products with the lowest margin. That’s why Neostrada contacted us. We are specialized in online marketing, after all. We started brainstorming right away and came up with the following marketing ideas.

Brutal competition on the webhosting market

It’s no secret that the webhosting market is very competitive. And the worst part is that you might be a Dutch company looking for Dutch customers, but still have to compete with foreign companies that offer much lower rates. As the wages in some countries are much lower than in the Netherlands, it gets nearly impossible sometimes to stay competitive. That’s why it’s important to define your USP’s and advertise them. For Neostrada we defined a few, but the most important ones were; No cure no pay for premium services, Support answers within 15 minutes and Free automatic back-ups.

Use of influencers

A big, but often overlooked group of potential new customers for webhosting services is influencers. Their online presence is their livelihood and what is a better way to support your social media channel than with a personal website? It makes the influencer seem more professional and it also provides them with a way to show more of themselves. That’s why we started with influencer marketing. We made deals with small influencers that have 10k to 25k followers. Most of them agreed to advertise for us in exchange for free webhosting including domain name for a year. We started with just 20 influencers, but soon they started coming to us to ask for a deal. In the end we made deals with 100 influencers, and spent a fraction of what we would have if we had advertised in the old fashioned way. Just do the math, if all 100 influencers have an audience of 10k followers, that adds up to 1 million followers in total. Even if only 10% actively sees the ad, we still got 100k views of an ad, which is not easy to accomplish nowadays. Especially for the money we spend on it.

Google Ads go a long way

However, influencers and their followers are not our only target audience. We are also looking to attract businesses to work with us. After all, they are the long term customers that need to have the same website for years on end. These are much more profitable. That’s why we turned to Google Ads. This is such a powerful tool that you could start a successful business from scratch with nothing else. It’s imperative that you know exactly how it works and how you can make the tool work for you. In this case we targeted small and medium businesses in the Netherlands, to start with. We then created ads based on the feedback that Neostrada had gotten from other clients. Why was Neostrada better? What appealed to them? After doing a little customer satisfaction research it was clear that we needed to focus on the cheap aspects of the services. Especially the no cure, no pay rule and the free back-up service were popular among existing customers. It shall be no surprise that we centred our campaign around these USP’s.

Partnership advertisement

Lastly, we decided to partner up with Neostrada. Because mouth to mouth may be the most old fashioned marketing technique, it is still very effective. And we had everything to gain from teaming up with them as well. The idea is simple; we direct all our customers that want to change webhosting or domain name providers to Neostrada and in turn they direct their clients with marketing needs to us. It’s a win-win situation that costs neither of us a dime. There have been many studies that suggest that customers tend to be happier with a service if they heard about it from a friend or acquaintance. This makes sense on a psychological level, because everybody, either consciously or subconsciously, wants to be part of something and liking the same things is a good example of that.