Online Marketing Services

Are you able to connect with your audience and inspire action? Do you have the right messaging strategy in place? If you are unsure, then we are here to develop, test, and execute the right online marketing strategy that meets your audience right where it matters. You should be able to connect right to their core in order to establish genuine rapport.

Here at Spiritworks-art, we understand your target audience or customers in the same way that we know your brand by heart. We are there witnessing your customer’s journey from brand awareness to the decision to purchase. We help you create an online marketing strategy that capitalizing on engaging and genuine experiences that inspire positive action.

It’s a very tough and competitive arena. The online marketplace is filled with hungry wolves. The hungriest gets to take it all! You need us to understand how the B2B and B2C journey work. We want your brand to have the top answer whenever customers are looking for your products and services on SERPs or anywhere in social media. 

We provide top-caliber specialized online marketing services that include:

·   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We provide you that competitive advantage when pitted against rivals employing an elusive strategy that focuses on optimization best practices. This is how we strategically place your brand out there or right in front of your target customers. So, you will be there once right where the action is. We position you at the right time and place when your customers are all set to make the purchase. We use the best SEO tools on the market to follow your Google keyword rankings.

·   Content Marketing – We have the killer strategy to attract your clients and keep them engaged. It’s your content that can throw the punches. This is mainly what the customers first see in your brand. Optimized and relevant content helps engage and pull in conversions for your brand. We help you create solutions to their issues and address their pain points effectively with highly targeted and informative content.

·   Influencer Marketing – First, we match you with the right influencer and then connect you with your audience. Everybody is considered as an influencer at something. Your ideal influencer need not be someone really popular but a personality that really depicts your brand and is relatable to your audience. This is how genuine connections are made.  Our unique approach involves connecting your brand with genuine and credible influencers so you can truly connect with your target audience.

·   Social Media Marketing – We help to engage your audience and create virality or buzz around your brand. Understanding your audience and knowing their pain points is what makes up every success stories of online brands in social media. You cannot really penetrate a market that you don’t know exist. You have to know their buying hourney which could take several weeks or a couple of months from researching, to buying, and sharing. Combining good old or the classics of marketing with social media marketing can help propel your brand to new heights and increase your brand awareness plus improve search rankings.

·   Website Analytics – Understanding the buying journey of your customers or from the discovery to the conversions is the key to know how it is to convert potential customers into long-time repeat customers. We employ a data-driven approach that helps us convert customers. You have to understand the data in your table to determine which metrics are most valuable to your and what actions should be taken to boost conversions. This data will help you identify your strengths and inefficiencies which will help plan for future website improvements and content. We provide a real-time report of your dara with actionable insights monthly so you can keep your numbers up and going on the right direction.

·   Online Advertising – This is our way to tap into new audiences and reach out to an entirely new market via social, search, or display ads. With our best practices in place, we assure clients that of guaranteed ROI in their onlime marketing efforts by optimizing campaigns, strategic planning, and top quality ad creatives.

Here at Spiritworks-art, we build around your marketing goals so that we are able to widen your brand reach and impact. Our solid team of experts will help you from start to finish. Contact us now!


Custom Web Applications

We are experts on custom web applications. With an eye for details and a decade of experience, we are able to apply the latest technologies in order to design and deliver intuitive products with a clean code so that if changes need to be made, we can do it for you.

Mobility is what drives our strategy that enables custom web applications to be accessible from a smart phone or tablet if in case you are away from your desk or on the road. No tethering necessary.

We create mobile-friendly applications that are responsive and accessible even if you are always on the move. We sync with you.

We also offer location-based or GPS web services which is critical to may brands today.

With our custom web applications, we pull your design straight from your ideas so that you get exactly the results you want. We help build your brand and strengthen your brand presence online. Our technical team will also help you in resolving bugs or issues to limit the application downtime. We are able to consistently track and report app performance to ensure that our web applications are performing optimally.

We also provide database solutuions to get you organized and easily access or recall information that you would need for daily business operations.

We are always on top of the latest and upcoming trends in web applications so you don’t get behind and stay ahead in your industry. We also guarantee seamless transition across applications.


Website Design and Development

We create stunning websites that converts. It has to be a tandem of usability and visual appeal because that is what makes gorgeous websites successful.

Web design and development takes both a creative eye and technical expertise. Our team of expert web designers and developers offer a complete suite of web design packages to cater to different websites. We customize every detail to personify your brand.

We are expert in 3D animation and get to play around with different font types and sizes as well as palettes and shapes to create a beautiful yet clever website. A successful web design should place importance on user experience, functionality, and of course aesthetic appeal to pique the interest of customers.

Spiritworks-art team helps you create a strong online presence – the kind of branding that resonates with your audience. This is how we humanize your brand. We help you optimize your sites to derive maximum value from your ads and enable the right configurations to strengthen the impact of your brand. This helps your trajectories so you get to reach your target audience with perfect precision and timing.

With our decade of experience and flexibility in web design and development, the team is well-equipped to create all types of websites while maintaining the individuality and uniqueness of each brand. We have a complete package of web solutions that are customized to jumpstart your success.

We are on top of industry trends and can tweak and construct website architecture to power up branding efforts. From minor site design enhancements to creating a website from scratch, we have an entire powerhouse of professional web designers and developers to perform an overhaul of your site or to create a new one.

Every business must have a strong digital presence. Having a website is important to create a polished and professional look for your brand. This becomes a storefront for your business where people can check around and shop.

Your website is the backbone of your marketing strategy. This helps you in building and strengthening both old and new connections with customers. This allows you to communicate with your existing customers and in finding new ones.

We help you on your marketing efforts with a site that is designed mainly to generate leads. We search-optimize our content with strategic placements on our CTAs to compel visitors to move around your site which converts them into customers. Our actions are dictated by measurable data, and not just by hunches.

We build beautiful sites that immediately tell your brand’s story in a visual manner. The visuals would be able to demonstrate the benefits or perks that people would get from your brand. You see, it’s more than just asthetics. We tap into the emotions and get the response we need to move your site visitors using best practices and strategies to turn client appreciation into execution or action.

We create compelling sites that are designed in line with your content goals. It’s primarily built for conversions. We aren’t just designers to create gregarious sites but we are also experts in terms of user experience. We design with conversions in mind. We design your site around your brand so that your visitors would become your customers.

We do not just build a robust and interactive website, we also teach you how to manage it. We want you to be successful long after we have finished our web design. We train you on our content management system so you can update content, place or replace images, create content, and build new pages.

We will also set you up and configure Google Analytics for your site. We also teach you on how to track and analyze conversions plus also use your data to improve content on your site.


Why Your Business Needs a Website?

What’s stopping you from getting or building a website? If you think your business does not need a website, think again!  Having a website provides you that instant edge against competition. You build up your reputation score and boost credibility with a professional looking website.

 This gets your business out there. Exactly on the spot that you want to be or where your target audience is. Around 81% of consumers conduct search on a brand or products and services before making a purchase. So, if you still do not have a website or having doubts about it then this might be the right time to reconsider.

Websites allow you to be online 24/7 even if you are offline. This helps you establish brand awareness and engagement online plus reach new customers in a breeze. This is an investment worth of your time and money.

It’s a skeptic generation of shoppers, so having a professional-looking website helps pad up your credibility and trust score online. Most buyers would not trust a brand or company without a website. This creates a legitimate and secure platform for sales transactions. Your best marketing tool would be a website so this must be first on your list in your marketing plan. This basically represents your brand and perceptions or first impressions of your business would be mainly based on your website.

So, if you still think having a website is costly or that you may not be technologically savvy enough to manage it, then you would know by now that a website can mean the world for your brand. It’s an investment that will beef up your advertising strategy and generate more conversions for your business.