When Exquisite Motors contacted us to create their website, we knew it was not going to be an easy job. It had to be a website that appealed to all motorcycle riders and not just a certain group. Even though the company only sells Yamaha Motors, some wondering customer might stumble upon the site. And we would then like to at least seduce him into coming by the store and checking out the great Yamaha Motors. The Yamaha Tracer 549 is the best seller and therefore needed a prominent spot on the website, but there’s more than enough space for the other models as well.

Design and colour choice

Since people who are into motorcycles are usually quite adventurous, we decided to welcome the visitors with footage from a biker riding to the store. Instead of seeing the driver, you see the road, as if you were in the drivers’ seat. When the biker arrives, the word Welcome appears in the middle of the screen with a button underneath it that says enter. By clicking on the button, you enter the website that is a bikers’ paradise. However, in a neutral way. We cannot overlook the people who like to ride a bike every once in a while but don’t identify with the term biker. So we gave the website a few subtle biker touches. On top and in the bottom of the page we created a bar that has a black leather effect. The background is dark grey, so it combines perfectly. Other colours we used are intense red and blue, since these are colours that go well with the cool and tough biker lifestyle. Yet they are still neutral enough to not become too rough. As a little extra touch we added some bike icons here and there. Let us know what you think of the end result.

Obtaining the images

It was not easy obtaining all the images and footage we needed to create the website. Since we couldn’t find anything that we had in mind on the regular stock photo sites, we decided to create our own material. We hired a photographer/videographer to create the clip for the website intro and some pictures that we might need in the future. Luckily, all the motorcycles and other products that are sold, come with pictures from the manufacturer. It still took us a few weeks to get all these images from all the different suppliers. But it was well worth the wait, because in the end we got exactly what we needed.

Optimizing the website

After creating a website that looks appealing to the target audience, there’s still a lot of work to be done. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the visitor and evaluate the customer journey. We ask ourselves in different scenarios if it was easy to accomplish what we had in mind and if there was a more efficient way to get from A to B. After making quite a few changes, we were finally happy and ready for the next step. Optimizing the website for SEO purposes. If you want to rank, you need to make sure Google knows what your site is about. The easiest way to do that is to use your keywords wisely and make use of your meta titles and descriptions.

Writing relevant news articles

Content is still king. After all, if you have a site without content, Google will never know what it’s about and you won’t be able to rank in the searches. It is always good to create stellar content and refresh it every now and then. The best thing though is to have a few evergreen pages and keep a blog on the side. This way you keep your visitors interested in your site and Google will notice that as well.

Creating partnerships for link exchange

Unfortunately, it rarely happens that a site ranks on its own. It needs to get credibility from other websites. That is why we have a big database of websites that we can contact in case we need a link for one of our customers. Usually we exchange links with them.