Spiritworks Art develops casino bonus campaign

We worked together with one of the biggest online casinos in the Netherlands to create a campaign regarding a ‘casino no deposit bonus bonus’ or in Dutch called ‘casino bonus zonder storting‘. Casinos offer no deposit bonuses to new players to engage them into playing at their casinos. Examples of no deposit bonuses are free spins, free play money and other incentives. When players register with the online casinos they will receive the no deposit bonus so they can jump onto their favourite online slot and start playing their free bonus rounds. Many online casinos in Holland use these strategies to obtain new players. It is a good strategy and it has been proven to work as a incentive for casino players to come play.

How did we start?

We started working on what it is we wanted to send out to new potential players regarding a no deposit bonus. We create an email campaign named ‘casino bonus zonder storting’ mailing activation list. After this was finished we need to create a mailing list for potential players. We contacted a partner of ours who is specialised in tracking and obtaining potential casino players information via various online forms and email captures. This company called MailChimp has been around for ages and was the best partner for us to be working with. When we contacted them they were very eager to work with us. We had a few meeting to set a few targets and after that we went to work!

Next steps in the casino no deposit mailer

We then moved to the next steps in the process of the mailing campaign. Our partner ran their own processes and obtained a large quantity of Dutch email addresses through various different channels. They compiled a database of around 5000 unique email addresses of potential Dutch online casino players. Then they went out to filter them out on location based in the Netherlands so we could send them customised bonuses and promotions based on their economical status and means.

Starting the casino bonus zonder storting campaign

Now it was time to start the campaign of and see what the conversion rate would be from a mailer sent to a new player registering and creating a lead for us at the online casino. We compiled several different lists based on the information we had and created different no deposit bonus offers in the mailer. We then sent out an email with different bonuses to different player groups. One of the mailers contained a free spins no deposit bonus and the other one had a free money bonus to play on a slot machine of choice.

Initially we had big success with the first mailer we sent out which included the free spins. A lot of new players opened accounts and used the free spins to try their luck in the casino. The conversion rate was around 5 percent which is quite high.

The second mailing campaign with the free money bonus was actually less successful then we taught. New casino players did not really seem to keen to use this bonus. We had to look into why this was happening? We after discovered that we made an error regarding putting the right terms and conditions in the email and this scared away a lot of potential new online casino players.

What results did we obtain?

We had very good results at the end of the campaign. Our client who is one of the biggest online casinos in The Netherlands accounted for almost an increase of 5 percent in new registering casino players for the month we ran the campaign in. We can safely say the casino no deposit bonus was very successful. We are very happy that the casino bonus zonder storting got the expected results from our client. We did learn a few lessons down the way on how to better segment players and how to write better copy for the mailer. These findings we will take with us when we create the next campaign for one of our clients.